An adventure through a legendary empire

You will travel by land from Germany through Siberia over the Urals and past Lake Baikal into Mongolia. Discover infinite open spaces, bizarre landscapes and get to know the life of nomadic families. Taste the traditional salty tea and kumiss (fermented mare's milk) – a popular drink already in Genghis Khan's day.

You will experience how the Mongolians stream into their capital Ulan Bator to meet for the annual Naadam Festival. You can watch breathtaking horse races and exciting wrestling matches and archery competitions.

Another possible highlight of your Mongolian tour might be a trip through the Gobi desert to the Gurvansaikhan mountains in the Yol Canyon to the famous "eternal ice fields". Everything I have described here, I have experienced myself. Contact me if you want to make this dream trip – or anything like it – come true.

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