I want to help you make your travel dreams come true

Janine Kumpf

Why haven't you made your dream trip come true yet?

Perhaps simply because you have neither the time nor the know-how to plan your dream trip in detail, to organise a perfect trip beforehand or on the way. Or because the idea of travelling around the world alone does not appeal to you.

There could be other reasons too: for instance, that you do not want to put up with the disadvantages of an organised trip in a group: because you do not like travelling with people that you did not choose yourself; because you do not like the idea of being bound to a fixed travel schedule that leaves you no room for spontaneous, individual, decisions in particular situations, and permits no changes in your programme. Perhaps you would suddenly like to extend your stay by days or even weeks in places you particularly like so as to enjoy them more intensely. It could even be that your trip is far more enjoyable than you ever dreamed of ... But these are all wishes that cannot be fulfilled when you travel with a group.

How can you make your dream of travel come true all the same?

I have the optimal and individual solution for you!
Allow me to introduce myself: Your personal tour guide Janine.

In the course of the past forty-one years, I have travelled through ninety-seven countries and every continent. In the process I have come to know the most beautiful spots on earth – and always on my own. I have learnt to find my way anywhere, even under difficult conditions. I have learnt to organise and – where necessary – to improvise. After all, roaming in foreign lands is the passion of my life. As your guide, it is a pleasure for me to place all my experience, my knowledge and insights at your disposal.
So if you want to make your travel dream come true in your own special and exclusive way but are not in the position to take care of the time-consuming organisation details and do not wish to travel alone, please contact me. It's as easy as that! After a detailed discussion – by phone or face-to-face – I could become the guide for your tour if you like. This means that I would:

  • discuss your dream trip with you
  • work out the details of the trip for you
  • plan the route
  • procure invitations and visas where needed
  • book flights, ferries, hire cars, overnight stays and entry tickets both in advance or later – depending on the trip
  • give you details about the climate, hazards, inoculations, the equipment needed (which I will procure if you wish) and draw up helpful checklists for you
  • accompany you during the entire trip and relieve you of all problems, big and small

Allow me to inspire you, to help you make your dreams of travel, your longings and desires come true.

Signature Janine Kumpf

Janine Kumpf


I took all the photos used on my website. You are welcome to ask for permission to use any photo you particularly like. Incidentally, only details were selected from most of the original photos.

Countries travelled by Janine

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AzerbaijanBelgiumBosnia andHerzegovina
Great BritainIcelandItalyCroatia
PortugalRumaniaRussiaSan Marino
SpainCzech RepublicTurkeyUkraine
HungaryVatican CityBelarusCyprus


EgyptAlgeriaBeninBurkina Faso
Ivory CoastGambiaGhanaGuinea
SenegalSierra LeoneSouth AfricaTogo


KyrgyzstanMongoliaPalestinian TerritoriesSingapore

North America

(Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, North-west Territories, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon) (Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, New-Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming)

South America


Australia / Oceania


About myself

I was born in 1954 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland and grew up on the shores of Lake Constance. After finishing school and training, I worked, amongst other things, as an instructor at the skiing school in Flims/Laax, later I worked as a self-employed financial expert in Germany for several decades.
I discovered my passion for travel way back as a nine-year-old schoolgirl when I was given my first atlas. My passion for discovering new and strange places and my curiosity about what was waiting to be discovered behind the next hill are still with me to this day.

Getting to know and understand people, nature and technology is an essential part of my life. To this day, I have undertaken innumerable trips, some of them lasting months, in every continent. I planned and organised all these trips myself. My special talents include organising, coordinating, improvising, manual skills, technical abilities, stamina, a fighting spirit and patience, a sense of responsibility when it comes to risks, and sportsmanship in various disciplines.

I hold both Swiss and German citizenship

Language skills

Fluent in German, English and French, plus enough Italian, Spanish, Russian to survive.

My hobbies

Travel, ambitious skiing and bike riding (mountain bike and racing), swimming, water sports, table tennis, hiking, photography, photo/film processing and scoring at the computer, repairing all sorts of things, making sculptures out of woods, stones and fossils found anywhere in the world plus creative work in many fields.

My philosophy

  • there is no such word as "impossible"
  • I can't do everything but I can try anything
  • one may fall but one should get up again as fast as one fell
  • question everything
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